The summer rain is like soft kisses,

Our pulsing wheels

Make a rhythmic pattern

While we share

The sounds and the silence.

Minutes later

The western sky is a rainbow

The rain is lighter, and with you

I just carry on

Biking in the rain.

Frequent cheeseburgers and chips

Makes you heavy at the hips,

Repeated doses of vindaloo

Sticks to your arteries like glue;

Thick bars of sweet

With a drink to match,

Might propel you into

The diabetic patch.

Smoking is sin, fats taboo

Yes, it’s you I am talking to.



I keep sunshine in my pockets

If you want I will give you some

But you will have to please me first

With a song when you next come


They come in coloured packets

For the time of the day

There is also one for night-time

I know what you will say


If you wanted to celebrate

Or were down in the dumps

A few packets of sunshine

Won't fail to bring the bumps


Let me make it clear though

I don't sell this for a fee

You only get it from me

If you please me.




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Research Grants

▪ 2015: NIHR CRN grant: Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction-pathophys iology and effect of inhaled Iloprost; £25,000.



▪ 2013: NIHR RFPB programme grant. Effects of Continuous Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Functional Capacity, Cardiac and Vascular Structure and Function, Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Advanced Heart Failure Patients: A Pilot Study.; £189,000.


▪ 2012: CLRN West Midlands (south) Open Call Grant to expand the cardiology research unit at UHCW NHS Trust with 2 additional Band 5 research nurses and admin support; £100,000 


▪  2012:  CLRN West Midlands (south) mentorship programme grant held jointly with Daniel Zehnder on renal/cardiac joint project.  The effects of dynamic exercise training and low frequency electrical muscle stimulation during haemodialysis on cardiovascular, metabolic and renal function: a pilot study; £100,000


▪  2011: BHF Grant held jointly with Daniel Zehnder( PG/11/66/28982); Improvement in LV geometry and CV functional capacity after restitution of the failing kidney through Transplantation; £219,703 


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